Pastor’s Message

Message from Fr. Mike



The theme for this year’s Catechetical Sunday is, “This is my body given for you.” St. Paul reminds us that “though many, (we) are one body…we were all baptized into one body.” (1 Corinthians 12:12-13) Catechetical Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the role that each baptized person plays in building up the Body of Christ. The building up of the Body of Christ takes different forms and different shapes.

Each one of us has a role to play in the building of the Body of Christ. St. Paul said, “Now you are Christ’s body, and individually parts of it. “Some people God has designated in the church to be, first, apostles; second, prophets; third, teachers; then, mighty deeds; then, gifts of healing, assistance, administration, and varieties of tongues.” (1 Corinthians 12:27-31) Everyone has a part to play. Are you playing your part?

The Church thanks you for playing your part. You grannies who bring your grandchildren to church and teach them how to pray. Thank you! You parents who bring your child to church. Thank you! You young adults who come to Mass and participate in Church activities, thereby showing the teenagers that it is cool to go to Mass. Thank you!

Although this Sunday at the 9:00 a.m Mass Catechists will be formally commissioned and blessed for ministry to the community, the blessing is for all who have dedicated themselves to the building of the Body of Christ. It is not by accident that we are holding our Ministry Fair on Catechetical Sunday. While Catechetical Sunday reminds us of our mission to build the Body of Christ, the Ministry Fair shows us the way.


Fr. Mike Ume