* Fingerprinting


  • As part of Safeguarding the Children, fingerprinting is required on all personnel who has contact with children.
  • Fingerprinting can be done independently of Virtus (i.e. either before or after Virtus training).
  • Please contact the rectory for information on upcoming classes or check: http://www.la-archdiocese.org/org/hr/Pages/fingerprinting.aspx
  • If fingerprinting is need sooner, there are “Live Scan Fingerprinting Center” which offer fingerprinting service at a nominal price, e.g. at Pasadena Community College.

NOTE: If using the Live Scan, fill out the top portion of the attached form (OCA # for ABVM is 04330) and take with you. Make two copies of the form. You will give both completed copies to the person doing the scan. He or she would complete the bottom section of each, keeping one for their records and returning the other to the applicant. On the copy that you retain for your records, you may redact your SSN and Driver License when making a copy for the rectory.


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