* Recertification

Virtus Recertification

Virtus “Keeping the Promise Alive” is a 1.5 hour refresher course for adults. All adults must first participate in the 3 hour “Protecting God’s Children” program.

“Keeping the Promise Alive” does NOT replace the original program. Adult volunteers must attend a Recertification Session every four years. During the Recertification Session we review what we learned in the original “Protecting God’s Children” program. We as adults commit to continue to protect all of God’s children. We commit to “Keeping the Promise Alive.”

To register for a Virtus “Keeping the Promise Alive” refresher course, please go to www.virtusonline.org.

Catholics are called to be watch keepers for the protection of life, safety, and dignity of children and, to that end, our responsibility will never cease.

Follow the links below for a brief tutorial of the registration process:


Then you may register online by clicking on Virtus Online here.

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