Finance Council

The current Parish Finance Council was established in January 2019. The purposes of the Finance Council are these:

  • To assist and advise the Pastor in performing evaluations of current and future financial matters of the parish and parish organizational activities.
  • To ensure that financial controls are employed with regards to the use of parish financial resources through the adherence to budgetary principles and regular reporting of results.
  • To assist the parish and the pastor in establishing reasonable guidelines and protections, both financially and operationally, in order to comply with the principles established by the Los Angeles Archdiocese.
  • To assist the Pastor in providing accurate financial information to the Assumption community.

Membership in the Finance Council is determined by Pastor appointment. Members are appointed to a 3-year term, which is renewable for a maximum of six consecutive years.

2022 Committee Members are: 

Pastor – Fr. Mike Ume

Chairperson – Mike Conway

Members – Bob Gregg, Lou Holtz, Jolean Matsumoto, Tere Denison, Dale Pelch

Business Manager – Kathy Tracy