Mask Required Indoors

The Archdiocese has directed parishes to follow the L.A. County Health Department and The Pasadena Public Heath Department in requiring everyone to wear a mask indoors at our L.A. County parishes, offices, and schools


Congratulations New Altar Servers


Blessing of Grandparents at 9 AM Mass

Sunday 7-25-2021

YAM Wednesday Zoom Meeting

YAM Spiritual Resolutions

Fr. Alan Phillip Memorial Mass

Remembering Fr. Alan


Reception – Fr. Alan Celebration of Life


Dominican Friars leading Prayer of the Hours before Mass

May Crowning

May Crowning


May Crowning



Blessing of mothers

Congratulations to 2nd Graders for receiving their 1st Reconciliation!

Congratulations to Odyssey of the Mind Teams!

Welcome our new brothers and sisters in Christ

Easter Vigil 4-3-2021

Easter Vigil 4-3-2021

Easter Vigil 4-3-2021

Good Friday 04-02-2021

Palm Sunday 03-28-2021

Blessing of palms

Palm Sunday 03-28-2021

Church reopens for Stations of the Cross 3-26-2021

Rest In Peace, Our Beloved Fr. Alan