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Church Renovation Report

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Nov. 29, 2015

Holy Family candle shrine



Nov. 15, 2015

Our progress continues as we await the pews. The niche colors were finalized and one niche color was changed. The darker jewel tone was not complimentary with our lovely dark wooden statues. The color is now a brighter blue that will highlight the statues. We are still contemplating the wall treatment behind the altar crucifix. In addition, the sacristy work is progressing and the cabinets and countertops have been installed. The wardrobe for the vestments will now have doors to keep them maintained and keep the dust out.

Thank you for your continuing patience while our aged church is revitalized to enhance your worship time spent in prayer and celebrating the Holy Eucharist. God Bless you!

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Oct. 18, 2015

There always seems to be some issues and unforeseen delays during construction. We were not immune to this happening during our church renovation. Although we contracted with a company recommended by the Archdiocese Construction Department, the refinisher for the pews unfortunately reneged on the contract. The Archdiocese Construction Department immediately stepped in and located another refinisher and our pews should be refinished by the end of November. We were not the only parish that was affected. Please be assured, our pews are now relocated to the new contractor who will start working on them.

On a brighter note, the church restrooms are also included in the renovation. The inside partitions were removed, the outer doors will now open outward for everyone’s convenience. The restrooms are being retiled and receiving new fixtures.


Oct. 11, 2015

This week, the three niches are being painted deep jewel tones to highlight them. The Stations of the Cross enhancements are nearly completed. The grout is completed except in a few areas by the entrances. The sacristy’s new cabinets are being finalized and the restrooms are being retiled and updated.

We are moving along but there are always some issues and unforeseen delays during construction. We are adjusting as needed to ensure the church renovation is properly completed.



Sept. 24, 2015

The renovation is moving along this week. The resized altar has been placed in the Sanctuary and wood is being installed over the brick exposed by the removal of the steps under the old altar. The Sacristy is also being renovated.

They are finishing laying the new tile floor throughout the church. Next week the grout will be delivered, mixed, and applied to the tile.







Sept. 20, 2015

The terrazzo flooring in the church has been renovated and expanded. The carpeted steps in the sanctuary area have been removed and a new terrazzo floor has been laid. The terrazzo in the prayer niches and at the entrances has also been restored.

Did you know that terrazzo flooring is hundreds of years old? Terrazzo, from the Italian word for “terraces,” was created in the Fifteenth century when Venetian workers discovered a new use for discarded marble chips. These marble workers began to use odd-size marble pieces, remaining from the custom made marble slabs, to surface the terraces around their living quarters.

The uneven, rough surfaces created when the chips were set in clay to anchor them, convinced the workers that flattening the surface would produce a smoother surface, more comfortable for walking. And so they began to rub the surfaces with hand stones achieving a smoother, flat surface. Goat’s milk was used as a sealer to give it a shiny surface.

Today, special grinding machines smooth the surface before it is sealed by modern sealants.




Sept. 2, 2015
New terrazzo floor in sanctuary area.

Click here to watch a short video clip Fr. Gerard shares with us on the construction.





August 23, 2015

This week, progress is a little less visible. The current terrazzo tile is being polished and repaired on the steps to the altar. Wiring issues are being resolved while the placement for the electrical and sound are being finalized. The sanctuary is still being prepared for the addition of terrazzo to match the existing terrazzo on the altar steps. It will cover the entire surface area surrounding the altar.


August 16, 2015

Let’s take a moment to summarize the specific renovations we have in process currently.

  • We relocated the Masses to Msgr. Moretti Auditorium and rented a pod to store some of the church items until the renovation is completed.
  • The pews are out being refinished in a much lighter stain.
  • The tiles and flooring have been removed and prepared awaiting new ceramic floor tiles.
  • The altar was removed and is being resized and the carpeted elevated steps were removed.
  • The original baptismal font is being refurbished.
  • The new light fixtures are still being installed. Did you know there are approximately 65 light fixtures?
  • Some of the wall panels have been painted and the brick walls inside the church have been cleaned.
  • The altar furnishings are being crafted and the mural for the church is being painted at the artist’s studio.
  • Much time has been spent verifying the placement of electrical and sound outlets and location of the wiring is being determined.
  • At this moment, the sanctuary is being prepared for the addition of more terrazzo to match the existing terrazzo on the altar steps. It will cover the entire surface area surrounding the altar which was previously covered by carpet.


Yes, it is a busy time and Fr Gerard is looking forward to seeing our beloved Assumption church building filled once again with our parishioners celebrating the Holy Eucharist together for a long time to come.


August 9, 2015

Our church has needed restoration to preserve our sacred worship space for some time. This is not an easy undertaking, and has been on our Pastor’s mind for many years. The planning and budgeting has taken years. We have been fortunate that in prior years when there was an excess, the funds were invested in an Archdiocese Restricted Building Fund for this purpose. We have also received a sizable gift this past year which made the decision to move forward a bit easier. The parish has the funds to pay for the major parts of this phase of the renovation. Any donations collected will be used for the specified purpose. However, any excess funds that were initially earmarked for this phase, will be used for another phase, for example, the landscaping and painting of the outside of the church.

Parishioners have come forward inquiring how they can be part of this renovation and donate towards specific items in memory of their family and loved ones. We have one family who has pledged funds toward the baptismal area since they have memories of baptisms here at Assumption many years ago. The fourteen Stations of the Cross renovations have all been sponsored by various families.
To provide others parishioner’s opportunities to be part of this renovation, last week the seating for the sanctuary was listed. Seating for an altar includes a Presider’s chair, deacon or priest concelebrants chair(s) and seating for the altar servers and the lectors.

What is a Presider’s chair? The chair of the priest celebrant reflects the dignity of the one who leads the community in the person of Christ. It is a symbol and it is distinguished from the other seating by its design and placement. An appropriate placement allows the priest to be visible to all parishioners in the pews.

Assumption is fortunate to have contracted with a liturgical artist whose work focuses exclusively on pieces used in community worship spaces. His creations are not only a work of art, but also a work of divine craftsmanship. Age-old techniques of joinery are employed eliminating the need for glue or mechanical fasteners. All finishes are a special blend of oils developed centuries ago. His liturgical art is unique in that he is able to create pieces that have spiritual meaning – a Presider’s chair that is dignified and welcoming, and an Ambo that will convey the feeling of strength found in the Word of God.
The donations suggested for these pieces are appropriate with works of art that will enhance our church sanctuary for many years to come.



August 2, 2015

Our church interior looks bare without pews, flooring and our fixtures. At this time, the interior walls are being repaired and painted. The contractors are carefully marking where all the electrical and sound wiring needs to go before the flooring is installed. As you know, during the construction process decisions need to be made to properly plan our parish’s place of worship. The light fixtures are still being installed which takes time when lifts are needed to reach each light.

New furnishings for the Altar are being created, and are available for donation and dedication. The presider’s chair can be dedicated for $9,000. There are two deacon chairs at $4,000 each, and two altar server and lector benches at $4,000 each.



July 19, 2015

Our church renovation is progressing. Our contractor, electricians and sound engineers are finalizing all the changes needed to accommodate our new surroundings. Our new light fixtures should arrive on time and the trim inside the church is being painted. The chapel area has been cleared and new furnishings are being discussed.

Our Eucharistic Ministers have been adapting to our new church setting. To assist them, we have posted along the sides of the altar, a reminder where to stand at communion time.

The Body of Christ is given out at in the center aisle and the Blood of Christ is provided at the outside aisles. Two chalices and hosts are located in the front of the seating and two are located at the midpoint aisle between the seating.


June 28, 2015

We have celebrated our first weekend Masses in our original church building, now called Msgr. Moretti Auditorium! We hope your time was prayerful and you were comfortable. With the significant heat this past weekend, we are investigating how to make it cooler for your comfort. We had the opportunity to observe and work on enhancing the environment where we will worship together. Again, thank you for your patience during this time.

As an act of kindness, would you please move to the seats in the middle of the rows to allow others to easily access the seating? If there is a seat open next to you, please consider moving over to allow two or three seats to be open together for other parishioners to have room to be seated as a family. Also, someone may not realize a seat is open if a handbag or jacket is placed on it. This is a wonderful opportunity to get better acquainted with your fellow parishioners while celebrating together the Holy Eucharist. Please continue to return your prayer and music books to the book carts and baskets at the entrances. It is much appreciated.

This week our church renovation involved an asbestos abatement and the interior of the church was tented.
Thank you for your continuing support during this time of our renovation. We pray that you will continue coming each week to support your parish both spiritually as well as financially. During the summer months, our donations tend to decrease due to summer vacations. We are praying that this relocation does not also impact our donations. Our monthly bills unfortunately do not take a vacation. Please give generously, we need your continued financial support during this summer months.


June 13, 2015

Well, our moving date is nearly upon us and this weekend we will celebrate our last Masses in the church building before the renovations begin. We greatly appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you in our original church building, now called Msgr. Moretti Auditorium commencing Monday, June 15th, for daily Mass. We will continue to join together and celebrate the Mass here for the next few months.

Below is a draft of our layout of the auditorium. As we proceed along each week, we may refine the layout to accommodate your worship needs and also your comfort.


At Communion, Hosts will be distributed at the center isles at the front of the church as well as on the center isle in the middle of the church, while the Blood of Christ will be distributed along the side isles.

Prayer and music books, church envelopes and bulletins will be available inside the entrances. We will not be selling prayer candles during the renovation for safety reasons.

Next week, our pews should be removed for refinishing and then the major work begins. Please pray that all goes well. As you may know from your own experiences, with construction there are always some issues that arise. We will continue be good stewards and will manage this project and related finances diligently.


June 7, 2015

The church is busily being prepared for the start of the renovation on June 15th. Committee members are busy packing, and planning the move into our original parish church building, Msgr. Moretti Auditorium. We are doing sound and lighting testing, and the many other tasks to ensure that Masses in Msgr. Moretti Auditorium will be as prayerful as they are in the our church building.

To ease your concerns about this change, there will be signs to guide you in locating the entrances to the auditorium, restrooms, prayer and music books, church envelopes, where the Eucharist Ministers will stand for Communion, and other important information.
Msgr. Moretti Auditorium is located next to the rectory. There are several entrances, the front doors are located on Orange Grove Blvd., a handicap entrance is located on the west side of the auditorium next to the rectory and there is also a door located on east side with several stairs in the school parking lot.

We will be painting the inside of the church and adding a mural of the Assumption of Mary over the front door entrance at the rear of the church, and it will continue along the back of the church. We will add two more solar tubes towards the front of the church to bring in more natural light. Preserving our wonderful parish church is important and necessary to maintain a welcoming environment for us to come and celebrate the mass and God’s everlasting love for us.

Please pray that our planning goes well and have patience as we embark on this renovation to preserve and update our beloved Assumption church.


May 16, 2015

On the Move…Church Renovation Planning
As we continue to plan our move to celebrate the Mass in Msgr. Moretti auditorium, please know that we are trying our best to consider all the various facets that go into ensuring that all goes well with the masses in our temporary home.

When you come to Mass in the auditorium, envision your church next door receiving the care and attention it needs from so many years of use. It is now being renovated and restored to ensure Assumption church many future years to celebrate Mass and our faith.
The flooring improvements include all new ceramic tile throughout the church, refinishing the existing terrazzo floor, removing the carpeted levels under the altar and covering the new lowered level with terrazzo, and finally carpeting the stairs up to the choir loft, in the confessionals, and storage areas.

Please mark your calendars to note that our first weekend Masses will be June 20th and 21st in the auditorium. If any minor issues arise, please have patience and know that we will do our very best to rectify any issues. Look at this as an opportunity to get better acquainted with your fellow parishioners. If, however, a certain Mass seems a bit too crowded for you this summer, please consider switching to another Mass here. Continue to come to Assumption each week to celebrate Mass as a parish community.


May 10, 2015

Over the past months, our Church has been blessed with the addition of new doors, an entry chandelier, and ten solar tubes. What a wonderful feeling it is to let God’s sunshine come into our church and brighten our surroundings while we celebrate together the Holy Eucharist each week!

Shortly, we will be entering into another stage of renovations. With prayers and consultation with various committees, professionals and the Archdiocese, we will be making several more improvements to our beloved church. Over the next few weeks, the various improvements and our relocation to the school auditorium for Masses will be explained.

Being a good steward is very important and being responsible for the caring of our church building for our parish family is a task that weighs heavily upon me. Please support me and your parish in this exciting yet overwhelming undertaking. At some point, I may need to come to you and ask for donations to financially assist in supporting some of the various projects.

This next stage will include replacing the flooring, refinishing the pews, improving the lighting, refurbishing the baptismal font, improving the altar space, brightening up the surroundings with updated fixtures, paint and murals.


March 8th, 2015

Church Skylights
This week 10 new solatube skylights will be installed in the church. This will bring more natural light into our worship space.


Jan. 11th – 24th, 2015

The New Year brings more new doors to our church …. the interior doors at the main entrance of church were replaced with wooden frames and glass panes. Front exterior doors were completed the week of Jan. 19th.


September 22, 2015

Church Doors

The new church doors will be installed starting on Monday, September 22. Construction will continue for 2—3 weeks. Mass will continue as scheduled.


August 31st, 2014 – Installation and Blessing of the Beatitudes Monument


August 23, 2014 – trees and shrubs in the front of church were cleared to prepare the area for the next stage of construction