* Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups

1. Discipleship Group

When: Every other Monday 7:00pm – 11:30pm

Where: Msgr. Crean Hall

An Archdiocesan program developed by the Vocation Office. The participants are unmarried women and men mostly in their 20-40’s. It is not a social group but a prayer support group. They read the scriptures for the following Sunday. They share insights of what they hear God inviting them to be about in their relationship with Him. Members support and transform one another through the oneness of their communion in Christ.

2. Intercessory Prayer Group

When: Every Monday from 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Where: Church

This prayer group meets every Monday at 7PM in church to pray for vocations and others, read scripture and recite the rosary. Contact Sylvia Green at (909) 456-0241 or Helen Tuma at (909)229-3759. For prayer requests contact TBA.

3. Meditation & Gregorian Chant

When: Every last Wednesday at 7:30pm

Where: Church

Description: A beautiful hour of reflection combining religious readings, meditation and Gregorian chant music. The candle lit service creates a special ambience to deepen the prayer devotion.

4. Lectio Divina

When: Every Thursday at 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Where: Community Center

Description: Lectio Divina is an ancient art of contemplative praying the Scriptures. It is a very personal way of union with God and it came out of the monastic tradition.

On Thursday evenings we will be reflecting on the upcoming Sunday Gospel. Copies of the readings will be provided for you. The format is very structured and prayerful. It is quickly learned and we review it each week.

The art of lectio divina cultivates the ability to listen deeply, to hear with ‘the ears of our hearts’ to the Word of God. There is a formal process of reading the Gospel, listening and reflecting. The practice can be done personally but to begin we will learn it in a small group. It is a time of silence more than sharing. It is a powerful profound experience of discovering God through Scripture for ourselves.

Please let us come together in prayer . You can come once, or again , or whenever your schedule allows. It is not a program, it is just a following of the gospels in sequence. It makes the Sunday Liturgy experience deeper by having reflected on the gospel beforehand.

Please call Liz Moran at 626 355-0247 for any questions.

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