First Eucharist/Reconcilation

The Sacrament Team:

1st grade – Gricelda Chavez and Alina Tovalin
2nd grade – Laura Snyder
Sacrament Prep – Pat Vidimos


1st, 2nd, 3rd grades – Be My Disciples
2nd grade and Sacrament Prep – RCL Benziger “Reconciliation: Pardon and Peace”, and “Eucharist: We Give Thanks and Praise”

The Parish Sacrament Program is a two year program which seeks to engage the family in faith sharing and faith building. We focus on family formation which includes preparation of both children and parents. We encourage all families to take a serious role in the development and nurturing of the Catholic faith in their children. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking your child to Mass. Attending Mass on Sunday is part of our obligation to bring up our children in the Catholic faith.

In addition to classroom instruction, the children are provided opportunities to experience their faith on a deeper level. Student retreats allow the children to spend time together with their parish community and fully focus on the Sacraments. Spending time together as a community also shows the children that there is more to the church than their religion classroom. Parent retreats and prayer services are a time when parents come together as a community in prayer, reflection and worship.

First Reconcilation – Saturday, February 15, 2014
First Eucharist – Sunday, May 4, 2014

Faith Formation Coordinator Pre-School to Teen Cheli Valdez Faith Formation:

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