A Steward’s Way of the Cross


A Steward’s Way of the Cross

Why a “Steward’s Way of the Cross”? Stewardship is all about receiving God’s gifts gratefully and sharing them generously. But to be good stewards, we have to understand first that we have been blessed – that all we have and are are the gifts of our good and loving God. Only then can we make our use of those gifts an act of thanksgiving to the God who gave them. The Bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship puts it this way: “In the lives of disciples, however, something else must come before the practice of stewardship. [We] need a flash of insight – a certain way of seeing – by which [we] view the world and [our] relationship to it in a fresh, new light.” Our greatest single gift from God is Jesus and his death on the cross for our salvation. And so it seems appropriate to look at that gift with a stewardship lens – to reflect on the Stations of the Cross and consider what gifts are being given and received in each one – so that we are able to receive and rejoice more fully in the gift of God in Christ.

Opening Prayer:

Good and loving Father,
we bring you praise and thanksgiving for the gift of your beloved Son, our Savior.
As we walk this way of the cross, devoutly recalling his passion and death,
send your Spirit to open our eyes to your gifts of grace
that we may do this and all things in union with Christ.

I Station

II Station

III Station

IV Station

V Station

VI Station

VII Station

VIII Station

IX Station

X Station

XI Station

XII Station

XIII Station

XIV Station

XV Station – The Resurrection of Jesus