St. Vincent de Paul ABVM Conference Update

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Assumption Conference

 “Our Creed”

  • We offer Acceptance, provide Hope, and affirm the Dignity of every Friend in Need we serve…
  • We believe that our Conference should be judged not by how much it acquires or owns, but by how much it Shares and gives away…
  • We commit to the belief that we can all improve our World, one individual at a time.

In keeping with our Creed, Assumption-BVM Conference last Saturday hosted a successful “Frederic Ozanam Orientation” for prospective new members! We placed a strong emphasis on professional courtesy and decorum, in keeping with the high standards exhibited by Assumption Parish and St. Vincent de Paul.

The seminar was led by Janet Perez of the Los Angeles Council.  Our thanks to Joan Feser, Rosalinda Vasquez, Chandra Persad, Howard Persad, Paul Hansen, Denice Kelly, and Robert Wyatt for hosting the event.

It was attended by many parishes, and Assumption-BVM Conference received four potential new members. They will now attend four meetings, and then meet with the President and Spiritual Advisor. Afterwards, we will discuss how each person wishes to serve the Conference!

We thank the entire West San Gabriel Valley Conference, of which there are 16 Conferences, for acknowledging our efforts and sending prospective members.

As we continue to mature as a Conference, further recruitment opportunities will surface. Please know that we are looking for younger members to consider this wonderful vocation!  You too can grow in our faith journey and partake in our many good works!

Calling on All Good Samaritans!  This is our Creed!  This is our Vocation! We serve greatly and mightily, and serve with a Vincentian Heart!

Congratulations to all who attended the Frederic Ozanam Orientation!

Also too, we thank both Father Gerard and Assumption Parish for your loving support.

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