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“My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, welcome to Easter Sunday! Rain is always a sign of God’s love and salvation. We see that in the stories of the crossing of the Red Sea and the Jordan River, as well as the story of Noah.

Welcome to 2024 Easter! The Gospel tells the story of the empty tomb. Let this story be a testament to God’s promise. We worship God, who makes the impossible possible. Even in the face of impossible odds, He makes a way. Easter reminds us that even in our darkest hours, the light of Christ is waiting to shine bright. Let’s welcome this bright light and let it guide our path forward.

We welcome to our community Dr. Mark Drew Boatman, Mrs. Rebecca Lyn Arinze, Mrs. Ayde Quinonez, Mrs. Claudia Gomes De Araujo Santos, Mr. Marvin Christian Chua Ko, and Ryan Estrada. They were fully initiated into our Catholic community at our Easter vigil Mass. We thank Mrs. Shannon Decker for accompanying these men and women in their journey to the Lord. She was great.

Our Egg Hunt activity, at the end of 11:00 a.m. Mass will take place but with modification. Due to the rain, it will take place differently. The Egg Hunt is on Easter Sunday. The same goes for our 6 a.m. Sun Rise Mass. It will take place. However, due to the rain, the location might be different. Come!

Easter is a symbol of new life. An Easter Sunday Orthodox liturgy states, “Now that we have seen the resurrection of Christ, let us adore the all-holy Lord Jesus, the only sinless one. Do not let the insight you gained during Lent pass you by. Let us continue to work on the resolutions we made during Lent. May the light of our resurrected Savior continue illuminating our path towards God our Father.”

Father Mike Ume