Photo Album

All of Fr. Gerard’s albums — listed below and more — can be viewed by clicking here.

  • 2013-August-Tim and Maribel Feeley’s visit with Mrs. Mary O’Brien
  • 2013-June-4 Fr. Gerard’s 18th Anniversary of Ordination
  • 2013-Sept-Fr. Gerard homecoming pictures
  • 2014-Fr. Gerard’s Retreat at St. Andrew’s Abbey – South Antelope Valley
  • 2016- June 4-5 – Fr. Gerard 21st Anniversary of Ordination
  • 2016-May 18th – Fr. Gerard US Citizenship
  • Fr. Gerard attended All Hallows College, a seminary in Ireland,
  • Fr. Gerard Childhood Pics
  • Fr. Gerard’s Rescues
  • Henninger Flats hike on Nov. 13th, 2012
  • Letter of Queen Elizabeth II to Fr. Gerard O’Brien

Recent pictures of Fr. Gerard’s visit with family in Ireland, taken in August, 2012. Mrs. Mary O’Brien, Fr. Gerard’s mother, is 93 years old and is now living in a rest home just outside Fr. Gerard’s home town of Tralee in County Kerry Ireland. Scenic pictures are in the Tralee area, south west of Ireland which is known as the Dingle Peninsula.


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