Wendy Casiano

wendy_portraitWe will miss our dear friend Wendy Casiano …..

Wendy was welcomed home to Jesus shortly after midnight on September 2nd, 2010. She was an inspiration to us with her courage, her faith and her spirit. May our friend Wendy rest peacefully in the arms of the Lord.

Memories of Wendy (Photo album link)

Eulogies from Wendy’s friends from the Assumption Parish:

Nicole Daze and Mo Huckler—

Our sweet, beautiful Wendy Casiano, with the sparkling smile that would light up any room, has gone home to the loving arms of our Jesus. So brave and so strong, her beautiful, loving heart embraced everyone with whom she greeted. She made every person feel very special. Wendy… a magnificent wife, wonderful mother, loving daughter, supportive sister, and devoted friend. She was such a gift to us all. Her love was contagious, and her laugh would spread happiness like ripples on a lake. Our last three years have been magical and a blessing from heaven. She had no idea of the gift she was to us all. She showed such courage and dignity in her humbling illness, and she will never be forgotten in our hearts, our minds and our souls.

Rob L.—

My prayers are with Wendy and her family. I never met Wendy, but in mass I listened to the many wonderful, heart-felt and inspirational stories Fr. Gerard shared with us in mass about Wendy. His stories painted a picture of just how wonderful a person Wendy is, it truly would have been an honor to have met her.
“She flew up to heaven on the wings of angels and walks with Jesus”
I dedicate this song to Wendy:

Marta Nino —

Casiano Family, Please know that my prayers are with you during this difficult time. I had the privilege of meeting Wendy and Orlando when my son Nicolas and I dropped off a meal we prepared for them. Both Wendy and Orlando were so gracious and charming, it was hard to believe they were dealing with such a devastating illness. God truly was present in each of them helping them to get through their tough times while also bringing a gentle glow of joy to those they met. I saw Wendy from time to time at Assumption and always walked away feeling I had been in the presence of someone in whom Christ truly lived. Knowing Wendy the little that I did helped me to want to be a better person. That beautiful smile will always be in my memory. God bless the Casiano family.

Gladys Maddin —

I first met you a few weeks before your trip to Europe to take petitions to the Virgin Mary. I met you,Orlando and the kids one day after church on your way to your car. One thing I will remember is your beautiful smile and your sweetness. You didn’t know me but made me feel like we had been friends forever. I went to your home the day before you left on your trip. Thank you so much for taking my familes petitions.
You are such an inspiration, your courage, faith and brightness was so outstanding, unless you knew before hand, no one could say you were sick.
Two Sundays ago, I had asked father Gerard that I would like to go visit you, but he told me that your weren’t taking visitors, I was so sad and dissapointed that I had waited so long.
This past Sunday when I went to church and found out that the Lord had taken you, I was devestated. I had only met you a couple of times, been to your home once and I couldn’t contain the pain and tears, I cried the whole Mass. How can someone I have only met a few times, mean so much to me? It was your powerful spirit, your smile and will to live that engulfed me.
Orlando, Iliana, Adrian and Jacob,m how blessed you are to have had her in your lifes. Be strong and find the comfort of knowing she is no longer in pain. Right now these are only words – but time will lessen the hurt little by little – but never the memories.
Rest in peace my friend, I feel like I have one more guardian Angel watching over me. Lots of love and a big hug.

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