General Assembly on the Synod on the future of the church, to be held in Rome from October 4 to 29, 2023.

“The Assembly addresses the  overarching question of the Synod: How does this “journeying together,” which takes place today on different levels (from the local level to the universal one), allow the church to proclaim the Gospel in accordance with the mission entrusted to her; and what steps does the Spirit invite us to take in order to grow as a synodal Church?

This work is based on what emerged from listening to the People of God as presented in the Instrumentum Laboris and the previous documents.”


What is the Instrumentum laboris (IL)?

 It is the fruit of the discernment that began with the consultation of the People of God at the local level. The fruits of this consultation were collected at the diocesan level and then summarized and sent to the Bishops’ Conferences or Synods of the Eastern Catholic Churches. These then went on to Continental Assemblies.

Based on all the material gathered during the listening phase, and in particular the Final Documents of the Continental Assemblies, the Instrumentum laboris (IL) was drafted.

Our parish participated in the process in 2022 and the results are on our website!