Mass Schedule

Weekday Mass

Livestreamed via Vimeo

Morning Prayer

Monday-Friday 7:45AM


Monday – Friday 8:15AM

Weekend Masses

Live streamed via Vimeo.


Saturdays 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (beginning Nov. 28th)

Place: School Parking lot.

Protocol for Confession:

  • Masks are to be worn at all times and in all places on the parish grounds.

Saturday, August 6

 5:00PM…TBD (Candice Mora)

Sunday, August 7

  7:30AM…TBD (Matt Matsumoto)

  9:00AM…Bishop David O’Connell (Matt Matsumoto)

11:00AM…Bishop David O’Connell (Matt Matsumoto)

  5:00PM…TBD (Matt Matsumoto)

Saturday, August 13

 5:00PM…Fr. Clemente Barron (Efraim Arellano)

Sunday, August 14

  7:30AM…Fr. Mike (Gabriel Reyes )

  9:00AM…Fr. Mike (Matt Matsumoto)

11:00AM…Fr. Mike (Matt Matsumoto)

  5:00PM…Fr. Perry (Matt Matsumoto)