Although our church doors remain closed, Assumption has been very active. We have expanded our online presence, continued with outdoor Masses and a Communion Distribution, and our ministries continue to meet virtually. We continue to ensure that our parish remains operationally viable, especially while Mass attendance is still limited.

Your parish is dependent on your generosity which helps us to continue to reach out to those most in need. We need to keep the parish in solid working order and pay our bills that continue during this extended uncertain period. As a reminder, we introduced online giving via Faith Direct which provides a great benefit to our parish.  Information is available on our website and there is no charge to you to give. We are most grateful for your continued giving and we look forward to serving you as we prayerfully move forward. Thank you to our 57 parishioners who have already signed up for Faith Direct.

The Coronavirus Relief Act Law expanded the charitable giving deduction to taxpayers who do not itemize and lifted the cap on annual contributions for those who itemize for the 2020 tax year. Please consult with your tax preparer for further details.

Maintenance & Repairs Report – Month of September


Donations through the green envelopes found in your monthly envelope packet, Maintenance & Repairs designated on the memo line of your check, and in Faith Direct, are restricted for use towards our Church Maintenance & Repairs. These donations remain 100% in our parish and are not subject to an Archdiocese assessment fee. These funds go directly toward paying for our church facility upkeep, maintenance and improvements, and the utility bills.

We had 3 fewer families participating this month versus August 2020. Previously, we had delayed some projects while donations were down due to Covid 19: however, we need to proceed on some much-needed repairs and maintenance. This past month, we repainted Msgr. Crean Hall which had not been painted in over 10 years. The pictures were in a previous bulletin.


Please consider donating to this much needed fund via online banking, Faith Direct, mailing, or dropping your donation through the mail slot of the rectory office.


Here is a look at the month of September 2020 Maintenance & Repairs collections versus our actual expenditures:


Funds collected from green envelopes                 $ 7,897

Repairs, routine maintenance, utility expenses $(19,056)

Shortfall for the month                                       $(11,159)

Families Participating                                                 118

(green envelopes, Faith Direct, or indicated on check)


Thank you for your continued donation!



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