Assumption Parish needs your support…

These are difficult times for most of us right now adjusting to staying home, listening to the news of the virus containment each day. This period has also resulted in extreme financial hardship for many. Let us be compassionate and generous toward all those we know who are suffering hardship at this time.

A very important part of our lives that we need to remember is our parish.  Assumption is a vital part of our spiritual lives.  As we presented during last Thursday Community Meeting, our parish finances have been impacted by the closing of our church doors. There are no weekly collections during our livestreaming of the Masses to help offset our operating expenses.

The present crisis has made it very clear that we need to modernize our way of donating to the parish.  After careful consideration and consultation with the Parish Finance Council, Faith Direct was selected for our online giving.  Electronic giving is a tremendous convenience for our parishioners as well as for the parish.  We have included accepting donations on your credit cards.

As I’m sure you know, many people these days are going electronic in their financial transactions, so the Church must keep up with technology as well. Why not try it out with a one-time donation by visiting our website and look for the Faith Direct button.

Thankfully, many parishioners are also sending in their donations using the mail-in envelopes included in their packets or are dropping their envelopes through the rectory mail slot.

We thank all who continue to give generously to the parish. We are most grateful for your financial support. God Bless You!

Thank You!