Message from Fr. Mike

January 5, 2020


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020. Last weekend, we celebrated the Feast of Holy Family. This weekend, we focus our attention on one member of that Holy Family, Jesus. Last weekend, He was presented to us as the Son of Mary and today He is shown as the Son of God.  According to Matthew 2:1, “Jesus was born at Bethlehem in Judaea, in the days of King Herod. And thereupon certain wise men came out of the East to Jerusalem.”  They saw the star, and by a certain grace from God, they knew that it announced the birth of the Messiah whom the people of Israel were expecting. The job of these men was to study the star. Interestingly, God manifested His will through the ordinary job of these men. Reflecting on this, St. John Chrysostom said; “God called them by what was most familiar to them and showed them a great, marvelous star so that it would attract their attention by its very greatness and beauty.” God speaks to us in our everyday life.  Many people saw the star, only these Wise Men of the East discovered its deep meaning. Many of us live our daily lives, only a few people discover the will of God in them. Only a few discover the deeper meaning of life.

When these wise men finally embraced the invitation of the star, they left behind their families, their comfort, and their goods. Maybe it was not easy for them to explain the reason for their journey. For their contemporaries, the decision to follow the star was lunacy. The journey must have been very long and difficult but they persevered.

We, too, have seen the star in the depth of our hearts, inviting us to follow. The timing of this celebration couldn’t be better than this weekend as we begin a new year. This is our first Sunday in 2020. We need a star that will guide us through 2020. We need guidance because this is going to be a busy year.

Firstly, we need to pray for Vocations to the Priesthood, Deaconate, and Religious Life. Secondly, we will organize a Day of Recollection for all our volunteers, and a three day Mission for the whole parish. Thirdly, we want bathrooms in Msgr. Crean Hall, and a safe entrance to our elementary school. We will have a serious and honest talk about these two projects this year. These are just a few additions to our busy Parish Calendar.  This is going to be a busy year. We ask God to give us the kind of faith He gave to these wise men. We also pray that God will lead us with His star.

With the Church, we pray; “O God Who enlightened the Wise Men from the East and set them on the way to adore Your Son, enlighten our faith…lead us with your star through 2020.”



Fr. Michael Ume