Message from Fr. Mike

Oct. 20th, 2019

My Fellow Parishioners, COME AND SEE! A young man in the Gospel of John asked Jesus; “Where are you staying?” (John 1:38) Jesus answered; “Come and See.” Jesus was inviting him to join His Kingdom’s ministry. Every Sunday, we encounter Jesus in His Word proclaimed by the Lectors, and in His Body and Blood given to us by the priest and the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. After Mass the priest says; “Go in peace and serve the Lord.” The living out of what we celebrated begins. The living out of Eucharist is done both individually and as a group. This is where our ministries come in. We live out our Eucharistic celebration by being a member of the St. Vincent De Paul Society who ministers primarily to the homeless. We live out our Eucharistic celebration by being members of the Habitat for Humanity who build low income houses, by being a part of the Ministers to the Sick and Homebound, and the Visitation Ministry. Do you want to know how we live out our Eucharistic celebration every Sunday? Come and See in our Msgr. Moretti Auditorium. There you will see how you can live out your Gospel celebration. If you are just joining our Parish, or rejoining our Parish after a break, or you are a faithful Parishioner who wants to serve Jesus and His community here, I would like to invite you to Msgr. Moretti Auditorium after all the Masses this weekend. Do you want to know more about this community? I would suggest that you visit Msgr. Moretti Auditorium this weekend. COME AND SEE!

Fr. Michael Ume Pastor