Message from Fr. Mike

July 21, 2019


I wrote briefly about our parish Mission Statement in last week’s bulletin. In that article, we noticed that a mission statement is the group’s reason for existence and explains its purpose. It is the fundamental commitment of an organization, and the way it is managed. It is the direction and meaning of its activities and the purpose of its parts.

A few facts stand out in those explanations. The first one is that the “overall direction and fundamental commitments” of an organization or group. If I were to ask for the overall direction and fundamental commitments of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Pasadena, what kind of response would I get? Will your answer look like this?

  1. It is an evangelizing community committed to making more disciples of Jesus, or
  2. It is a hospitable community committed to welcoming every child of God, or
  3. It is a sacramental community committed to worshipping, adoring and praising God.

Another fact that stands out in the above definition of a mission statement is the “meaning of its activities and the purpose of its parts.” What is the meaning and purpose of the Lector Ministry, the Eucharistic Ministry, the St. Vincent De Paul Conference, the Senior Citizen group, the Elementary School, and the Religious Education program? Are all singing from the same hymnal? Are they singing in harmony? Are their songs in harmony with the overall tune of the parish?

From the above you can see that a good mission statement isn’t just a slogan, it’s an operational manual. It provides guidance to various parts of the Parish so that our different ministries can be in harmony with the overall goal of the Parish.

Why am I writing about mission statements? I am trying to prepare you for what is coming in August or September. I have commissioned the newly formed Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) to lead us in the process of formulating a Parish Mission Statement. The process will begin either in August or September. Let us prepare ourselves for this process by reflecting on our purpose.

Thank you,

Fr. Mike Ume