Message from Fr. Mike

July 14, 2019

Dear Fellow Parishioners,


In the 13th Sunday In Ordinary Time’s bulletin, I promised to write more about two important councils in our parish. They are the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and the Parish Finance Council. Let us talk about PPC in this article. What is the nature of the Parish Pastoral Council?  According to Archdiocesan guidelines on Parish Pastoral Councils; “The Pastoral Council consists of parishioners whom the pastor consults by reason of their knowledge, competence, or outstanding ability. Council members contribute (to the life of the parish) by thoroughly studying and reflecting on pastoral problems and by recommending practical solutions.” The aim of the council, according to the guidelines, “is to make the life and activity of the parish ever more closely conform to the Gospel.” To accomplish this aim, we need a parish Mission Statement.


What is it? With a Mission Statement, we can ensure that the parish pastoral program is systematically planned. Since I joined this community in 2018, I have searched everywhere for the Mission Statement of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, and I found none. Why is the Mission Statement important to us? According to William Rademacher and Marliss Rogers, a mission statement is “a broad statement of the overall direction and purpose of the Parish.” According to Robert G. Howes, a Mission statement is:

“The group’s reason for existence, its purpose and philosophy.

Its fundamental commitments and the way they are managed.

The direction and meaning of its activities

Its overall purpose and the purpose of its parts.”

It is for these reasons that I have mandated our newly constituted Parish Council to lead us through the process of formulating a Parish Mission Statement. This Mission Statement will give total focus to our ministry.  It is important for us to know that the formulation of our Parish Mission Statement is our responsibility. It is our Mission Statement. We are defining who we are as a faith community. The PPC is only facilitating the process. They are helping us. Therefore, our active participation is important. They will be sharing with us some important information in August. So stay tuned!

I would like to meet with the leaders of the different ministries in our parish on Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 7:00 pm in Msgr. Crean Hall. Please let the office know if you can attend.

God bless you,

Fr. Mike Ume