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TK Curriculum

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How TK learns

  • large group instruction
  • small group instruction
  • math and literacy centers
  • hands on experience- including fine motor and sensory


  • The Trinity,the Bible as the Word of God
  • Stories from scripture
  • Members of the Holy Family
  • Prayers: Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, Grace before meals, & TK Prayer
  • Church Calendar: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Saints’ Holy Days


English Language Arts

  • Letters and Letter Sounds
  • Rhyming Words and Poems
  • Features of Narrative and Informational Texts, Comprehension Strategies
  • Vocabulary, Grammar, & Parts of Speech



  • Geometry: Shapes, Patterns, and Position
  • Data Analysis: Sorting, Comparing, Measurement, Graphing, and Calendar Skills
  • Number Skills: Counting, Writing Numbers, Comparing, and Analyzing Numbers
  • Arithmetic: Addition & Subtraction



  • being socially and emotionally prepared for Kindergarten and school career
  • Follow social and classroom rules
  • Make choices and communicate preferences
  • follow one and two step directions
  • Demonstrate a positive self image



  • Scientific Method: Asking Questions, Making Observations, Sorting & Classifying
  • Earth Science: Weather, Seasons, The Solar System
  • Physical Science: Identify Common Physical Properties of Objects (Size, Color & Texture),
  • Explore Heat, Light, Sound, and Movement
  • Life Science: Plants, Animals, and Life Cycles


Social Studies

  • Characteristics and Models of Good Citizenship
  • School and Community Jobs
  • Time (Past, Present and Future)
  • National and Religious Holidays
  • Maps and Globes