Mrs. Kerry Holtz

"Christ has confidence in young people and entrusts them with the very future of His mission" -Pope Francis

Policies & Procedures

General Policies and Procedures

Mrs. Holtz:
8th Grade Homeroom, 6th/7th/8th Social Studies & Religion
Mrs. Faenza:
Mr. Chris Muir:
Advanced Math
Mr. Foell:
English Language Arts
Mr. Suriano:
Mr. Suriano – Art
Mr. Charlemagne Raffols – Music/Performing Arts
Mrs. Suriano – PE

Our goal is to maximize the potential of each student in the light of his/her God-given talents.

Religion Text: Blest Are We
Social Studies Text: TCI History Alive!
Mathematics Text: Prentice Hall, Algebra 1
Science Text: Glencoe Physical Science
Language Arts: Pearson’s My Perspectives
Art, Music, PE, Computers

•Students will have a set Accelerated Reader requirement for each trimester.
•These tests will make up a portion of their Reading grade.
•Please help your child set aside at least 20 minutes a night to read in uninterrupted quiet.

Please familiarize yourself with the Homework Policy in the Parent Handbook.
*75-90 minutes per night
*Assigned Monday-Thursday, sometimes on Fridays.
*Projects, reading for A.R., and studying may require weekend attention.
*Homework is due by 7:55am. Having a parent drop it off later in the day is still considered late.
*Most, but not all, missed homework can be made up for partial credit. The student must get permission from the teacher to turn an assignment in late for partial credit.
*If the student fails to turn the work in by the next day, they will be issued a “zero” with no opportunity to earn credit.
*When absent, students are given one extra day to complete homework assignments that are new.
o If a student is aware of an assignment before they are absent, the assignment is still due on its due date (electronically submitted).
o If a student misses an exam, they must make it up the day that they return to school.

It is extremely important that your child attends school regularly and on time. Tardy students cause a disruption to the class and delay the morning lessons. School starts at 7:55am, everyday. Any student arriving after this time will be issued a tardy.

We understand that some absences are unavoidable, and if your child is ill it is best to keep them at home. Planned absences should be discussed with Mrs. Holtz in advance. Unplanned absences require an email or phone call to the school office the morning of the absence. Make-up work is only put together for your child if they have missed 2 or more days. Most junior high assignments are posted on Google Classroom, so your child has access to that even if they are at home.

Dentist or Doctor appointments should be scheduled for after school. If your child must be pulled out of school for one of these appointments, please attempt to schedule during a non-academic class.

Assumption students are expected to be responsible, obedient, and respectful. In order to maintain a safe and hospitable learning environment, students are expected to adhere to the following classroom rules:
*Follow written and oral directions the first time they are given.
*Transition quickly and quietly.
*Come to class prepared.
*Be positive and respectful in ALL interactions.
*Please raise your hand to be excused or to participate appropriately in class discussions.
*Students are also expected to strictly adhere to the Assumption iPad Acceptable Use Policy.

A-= 93-95% B-= 85-86% C-= 70-74%
B+= 90-92% C+= 80-84% D= 65-69%
B= 87-89% C= 75-79% F= 64% & Below

Academic Honors are calculated by averaging following grades: Math, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Literature, and Language. Please note: we do NOT round up.

1st Honors: 3.7 or higher
2nd Honors: 3.3-3.6
Honorable Mention: 3.0-3.2