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"Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you." – St. Augustine

Weekly News

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Happy Tuesday Third Grade Families!

I hope that you had a nice, long weekend.

During these next two weeks of school, students will be completing many projects in class to demonstrate learning in all subjects. We will proudly display our work on Sunday January 28th at Open House from 10:00 am-12:30 pm. Students will have very few tests over these two weeks because they will be graded on their projects instead. Must students love being able to show what they know through project-based learning, rather than by just the usual written test.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who donated $2.00 to help purchase items for our Open House projects. I really appreciate your help!

The White Student Folder will go home tomorrow Wednesday January 17th, rather than today.


Looking forward to next week~Next Friday January 26th students will be tested on the x 7 multiplication facts. They can start studying now, to get a head start and get those facts memorized.


No Assessments this Week. 

God Bless You and Your Families!

Mrs. Quezada

Weekly News

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Hello Third Grade Parents,

Third graders are excited about January! January is a big month of projects for us, as we prepare for Open House on Sunday January 28th. Students will complete at least one project in every subject. So we are looking forward to a particularly busy, interactive, and fun January.

In the past, I have asked for parents to volunteer to bring different items that we will need to complete these projects. I think it would be easier if all parents could please send $2.00 (in an envelope labeled with your child’s name) to school by this Friday January 12th. Then I can purchase exactly what is needed and have it here at school all at one time, so we can begin the projects. I really thank you for your help with this! 🙂


*White student folders with graded work will go home tomorrow Tuesday January 9th, with lots of work from before Christmas vacation. Please sign and return graded work.



In Religion, we are currently studying the three divine persons that make up the Holy Trinity. In reading, students are learning the traits of a Fantasy story, learning relevant vocabulary, ordering important story events, and making inferences about the text. In math, students continue to memorize multiplication facts, learn to act out/draw pictures/write numbers sentences for equal group problems, identify/draw lines of symmetry, and write division problems three ways. In writing, we are studying Personal Essays, and students will write an essay about a topic they know well and want to teach to others. In science, students are learning to identify the phases of the moon, explaining why we have day and night, and understanding why we have seasons on earth. In social studies, students are finishing up a pioneer project where they worked together to read, discuss, and write about overcoming challenges that pioneer families faced. Soon we will begin a unit of study on what it means to be a good citizen of a community.


Weekly Assessments-Friday January 12th

Spelling-10 words

bow, coach, throw, roast, crow, low, loan, grow, float, pillow

Religion-Chapter 8

Math-Multiplication Facts x2 and regular weekly assessment

Science-Unit B Chapter 1 Earth the Water Planet (Study guide will come home Thursday)


Thank You and Have a Great Week,

Mrs. Quezada

Weekly News

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Welcome Back and Happy 2018!

Thank you for the lovely Christmas cards, well-wishes, treats, and gifts. I sincerely appreciated your generosity!


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I hope that your holidays were beautiful and blessed. It is great to be back at school with your children. Despite some tired faces early this morning, your children quickly remembered the routines of our day, and got right to work. We practiced procedures, appropriate behavior in the classroom and playground, and discussed/chose focus words to guide our actions in the new year. There is definitely some mid-year maturity happening here in third grade. I look forward to all the further growth and improvement to come throughout this school year.




Looking ahead to next week~Students will be tested on x2 multiplication facts. Flashcards will go home on Monday, but students can definitely start to practice these facts now. They should also review past facts to keep them memorized-x0, x1, x5, x10.

Students will also have a science test next Friday January 12th on Chapter B1-Earth the water planet, the phases of the moon, and earth’s seasons. Books and study guide will go home next week.


Have a wonderful start to the year,

Mrs. Quezada




Weekly News

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Happy Third Week of Advent Third Grade Families!

Excitement is in the air, and third grade students are ready to perform in the Christmas Pageant and ready for this fun short week.

We are still studying Advent, reading Christmas stories, doing holiday math, and making crafts.

Tomorrow Tuesday December 19th is the Christmas Pageant. Third grade should come dressed in ‘Christmas Dressy’, something they would wear to take Christmas pictures or to wear to Mass on Christmas. Please drop off your child to our classroom between 6:00-6:30 pm. Choir members must arrive by 6:15 pm. The pageant begins at 6:30 pm in church. Please sign your child out from our classroom after the pageant, or after we perform. We perform third from last, and the show should last about 1 hour and 10 minutes long. Students will watch a movie in the classroom while we wait to perform. NO DEVICES in the classroom this night please.

White Students Folders will NOT go out this week. I’ll save them for after the Christmas Vacation.

Wednesday December 20th-Mass and Dress Uniform~12 noon dismissal. Start of Christmas vacation.

We will have Show & Tell on this last day. Your child may choose to bring 1 small toy, book, or game to share with the class.


NO homework or assessments this week.


Have a joyful New Year and a blessed Christmas!

Mrs. Quezada


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Weekly News

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Happy Second Week of Advent!

In class, we decorated Advent wreaths, learned about the tradition of the Nativity scene (creche) started by Saint Francis of Assisi, and made stars ornaments (with Advent goals) to decorate the school Christmas tree. Third graders are enjoying learning about this special time leading up to Jesus’ birthday.



Nativity silhouette



Important Dates-

This Wednesday December 13th third grade will lead the weekly Mass at 8:15 am in the church. All are welcome! Please send your children in dress uniform.

Next Tuesday December 19th is the Christmas Pageant. Third grade should come dressed in ‘Christmas Dressy’, something they would wear to take Christmas pictures or to wear to Mass on Christmas. Please drop off your child to our classroom between 6:00-6:30 pm. Choir members must arrive by 6:15 pm. The pageant begins at 6:30 pm in church. Please sign your child out from our classroom after the pageant, or after we perform.

Wednesday December 20th-12 noon dismissal. Start of Christmas vacation.


Friday December 15th Assessments

Religion-Chapter 7 Test

Language-Compound subjects/Compound predicates (practice sheets coming home for homework later this week)

Math-Test on x 5 multiplication facts. Please help your child to study (memorize x 5 facts) all this week.


Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Quezada



Weekly News

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Welcome to December and Advent!

This week in religion, we are studying the season of Advent, and how we can best prepare our heart’s for the birthday of Jesus. Student’s drew an Advent wreathe and reflected on one way to best prepare and wait for Christmas, while acting more and more like Jesus.

In reading, we are studying an informational text, One Small Place in a Tree, which is filled with facts about animal habitats. This coincides with our recent science test on ecosystems, and our current studies in social studies pertaining to forests. In writing, we finished our final drafts of the personal narrative stories. Students are reading them aloud to the class, and then they’ll be sent home next week. We hope that you enjoyed reading the saint posters and Thanksgiving turkey art projects.


*Reminders~NO Mass this Wednesday. Instead Mass will be on Friday December 8th, in honor of The Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Dress Uniform on Friday please.

Personal sharpeners-Your child may choose to bring a small pencil sharpener, with a lid/cover to keep in their desks.

Third Grade will be leading the Mass on Wednesday December 13th at 8:15 a.m. All parents are welcome to join us. Just FYI-I keep a detailed list of all student parts for Masses and special events and always offer parts to students first, who haven’t had a part yet. These parts are volunteer positions though, and I don’t make any students take these parts if they don’t feel comfortable yet. We will lead the Mass about every six weeks though, so many more opportunities will come up.

**Please encourage your child to practice their multiplication facts every night for homework. Flash cards are coming home today.


Weekly Assessments-Friday December 8th

Religion Quiz-Advent

Math-weekly assessment and multiplication test on x 10 facts

Reading/Vocabulary/Language-One Small Place in a Tree-story and vocabulary. Language-subjects/predicates

Social Studies-Chapter 2


Have a blessed week,

Mrs. Quezada

Weekly News

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Welcome Back!

I hope that you had a blessed Thanksgiving and nice little break.

It was wonderful to meet many grandparents and special guests last week.


Academically, now that we are in the 2nd Trimester, homework will be stepped up a little. When completing reading/writing, students will need to write 2 paragraphs about what they read. They no longer need to use a concluding sentence at the end (that was just to get them in the habit of writing longer paragraphs and staying on topic with the main idea sentence). Paragraphs now need to be at least 4 sentences long, and of course stay in line with the main idea sentence. When students don’t know how to spell a word, please have them look up the spelling (online or from a dictionary). We’re looking for correct spelling on homework now.

We have started learning multiplication facts! Students will be practicing them daily in class. They should also be practicing every night for homework too. I will always list which facts are to be memorized for the weekly tests, here under assessments. This is a great time to get a multiplication app and have your child practice at home. There are also great websites and DVDs (Multiplication Rap) to help them learn multiplication facts.  We will study a new set of facts every one to two weeks, and then test on them on Fridays. At the end of March we’ll take a cumulative test on all the facts. But by then, we will have studied them and practiced, practiced, practiced, so it won’t be such a daunting task.


Assessments-Friday Decemeber 1st

Spelling-10 words

lie, ties, fly, flies, cycles, reply, replies, sigh, half, halves

Math-Multiplication facts 1-12 times 0 & 1 and weekly math test.

Science-Ecosystems chapter 3 p. A80-A105 (students will take home their books on Thursday & a study guide to complete.) They will be able to use their study guide on this first test of this 2nd trimester.


Have a wonderful week,

Mrs. Quezada

Weekly News

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Happy Thanksgiving Third Grade Families,

I am truly thankful, and blessed by God, to work with your children each day. They are bright, eager to learn, and steadfast in their efforts to try and be a little more Christ-like each day.

It is an honor to teach them and partner to with you.


*Remember-students should come in dress uniform this Wednesday for Mass. Dismissal is at 11:00 am, and if students need to leave earlier, they should be signed out by an adult from our third grade classroom.*


No Assessments this week.

Blessings to you and your families,

Mrs. Quezada


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Weekly News

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Hello Third Grade Parents,

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend with your children!

Thanks to our Spiritual Room Parent Jessica DeMesa for providing a nice snack for students after the third grade class Mass. And a GREAT BIG THANKS to all of our wonderful parent volunteers who journeyed with us to Riley’s Apple Farm! Your children seemed to have a blast exploring pioneer life in a beautiful outdoor setting. Many of them were concerned about whether they’d have wifi on the bus, but quickly forgot about devices when they were watering a garden, sawing wood, writing with a quill, and peeling apples.   🙂

We are finishing up STAR Testing this week and results will be shared with you soon.

Please continue to check that your child completes their nightly homework, as it’s all factored into grades. Also, please encourage them to meet their monthly, third grade AR requirement of independently reading three chapter books/passing three AR comprehension tests. This is meant to encourage independent reading and comprehension of third grade (or higher) books and is factored into the reading grade.

*Please send me an email if your child will NOT be at school on Wednesday November 22nd, which is Grandparent’s or Special Guest’s Day. (just trying to get a head count) *

Dismissal is at 11:00 am this day. But children can also be signed out earlier, directly from our classroom.


Friday November 17th Assessments

*Your child can always bring home any text book to study any night that they wish.*

(I remind them of this when we write down homework at the end of the day.)


Religion-Chapter 6 (Book goes home Wed. for homework)

Math-on nightly homework concepts

Social Studies-Chapter 7 (book goes home Thurs. for homework)


Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Quezada

Weekly News

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Happy November Third Grade Families,

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

If you haven’t done so already, please send a set of earbuds to school ASAP, for your child to use throughout the year.

This week will be a shorter week for us, with NO SCHOOL FRIDAY-Veteran’s Day November 10th.

Thursday November 9th-We will travel to Riley’s Apple Farm in Yucaipa to experience life as pioneers of the 1800s. Students will enjoy many hands-on activities, building a log cabin, washing clothes on a washboard, and writing with a quill, to gain a better understanding of pioneer life.

Students should wear long jeans or pants, tennis shoes, any uniform shirt, uniform sweater/sweatshirt AND ANY JACKET. It can get pretty chilly in this location in the mountains.

Students should pack a sack/disposable snack, lunch, and drink for this field trip. No money is needed. Students may choose to bring a device for the long bus ride (1 hour 45 mins). The devices will stay on the bus during the trip.


With our field trip this Thursday and no school on Friday, we will not have any assessments this week.

Remember NO SCHOOL MONDAY NOVEMBER 13th-Faculty & Staff In-Service.


God Bless You,

🙂 Mrs Quezada