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"Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe." – Norman Vincent Peale

Welcome to the new school year!

September 22, 2018 by · Comments Off on Welcome to the new school year! · Announcements/Blog

Welcome to the new school year!

The students have adjusted well to their new classes,  schedules and the everyday procedures of being a 7th grade student.

We will begin  discussing the science projects this week, please see the Science Project page for more information.


Mrs. Faenza

Planners and Homework

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Planners are a great tool for the 7th Graders to use to keep track of their homework and to become responsible students. They are able to visualize  their assignments and map out due dates for projects and tests on a day-by-day basis with the whole week in mind.

In Junior High, the students receive many of their assignments in Google Classroom. Since the students have at least 5 different teachers, they have multiple Google Classrooms that they regularly work from. I encourage the students to write their  homework in their Planner as they receive each assignment. In the classroom, there is a Homework Chart posted which gives the students the opportunity to add to their Planner at any time. In addition, before the students are dismissed, a student in the class reviews the chart aloud while the class can add to or make corrections in their Planner. Using a planner allows students to practice good study and organizational habits in preparation for high school and beyond.

The Hawk and the Sparrow

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Today we had 2 visitors to the 7th grade classroom! We had a hawk fly in during recess! He  created quite a commotion!  Mr. Sanchez climbed on the roof to place poster boards over the glass windows to darken the room as Mr. Suriano and I tried to guide the hawk out the door with tin foil pans and Mr. Simon used a long feather duster to gently guide the hawk out. But the hawk had a mind of his own…. he went low, then hopped out the door and finally flew away. As I came back into the room after lunch, a little sparrow came swooshing across the room! He must have been hiding!  I thought he went out the door. When the class came back in, our sparrow friend made another dramatic appearance swooping across the room! He finally made his way out the window. I have come to the conclusion that the sparrow must have  flown in as it was chased by the hawk! The class named them Philippe and Philippe Jr. I named them Unlucky at Lunch and  Almost Lunch!