The eScrip/Electronic Scrip Program is required of all school families. Families must register at least one credit card online with eScrip and are encouraged to register all of their cards to build even greater support for our school. Parents may track their contributions to Assumption by checking the web site online at

Electronic scrip is used for Ralph’s, Food 4 Less and Albertsons. Families should register their loyalty cards with these stores to obtain school credit.
Scrip is proven to be an easy resource for fundraising where participating business partners contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to the school. All profits generated from scrip will be credited to your fundraising goal.

What is Scrip? – Scrip is an easy way to help our school earn extra money. You order gift cards through the school scrip program for face value. The school then purchases the gift cards at a discounted amount and the difference goes to the school. Different vendors give a different discount %
Example: You pay $50.00 to the school for a gift card and you receive a gift card worth $50.00. However, ABVM pays $45.00 for the card and the school makes $5.00.
3 ways to purchase Scrip.

1. – Online. Register online at Shop with Scrip. The Enrollment code is D1DE35L31L426. You can order from hundreds of stores. This is the most current and complete list of stores. Place your order and print it out. At this time YOU CANNOT pay online. Send into the office a copy of your order, along with a check made out to ABVM for us to process. Orders are not fulfilled unless payment included.

2. – “The Pink Scrip” form. If you do not have access online you can use one of the pink scrip forms to order scrip. They’re sent home periodically or available in the office. This is not a complete list but still has quite a selection. Please fill out the form completely and send into the office with your check made out to ABVM. Again, orders need to include payment.
Scrip ordering/delivery turnaround time
Scrip is ordered once a week on Tuesdays. All paid orders received in the office by 9:00 AM Tuesday morning are processed. Due to Shop with Scrip’s processing time & Fed Ex delivery schedule, anything received AFTER 9:00 AM on Tuesday will be ordered THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY. Unfortunately, we cannot add to existing orders and would be charged a whole new shipment fee.
The scrip is received and orders filled first thing on Friday morning. The orders will be ready to pick up in the office by late morning or will be sent home in your child’s folder, if you selected that.
IF THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY – scrip will be processed by 9:00 AM Wednesday and will be received and ready for pick-up later Friday afternoon.

3. – Open scrip. A limited amount of scrip is kept in inventory and will be sold on a cash (check) and carry basis. We will try to keep the basics in stock – gas, grocery, fast food, restaurants and some gift ideas. Open Scrip sales will be Friday afternoons when school gets out and on special occasions. There will also be open scrip sales on Sundays after church as well. Please note for inventory control and accounting reasons, scrip is not available just by dropping by the office. Thanks for your understanding.