ABVM Feasibility Survey Communication #1

ABVM Feasibility Survey Communication #2

ABVM Feasibility Survey Progress Update 2-15-2020

Feb. 16th, 2020 Message from Fr. Mike Ume

The opinion of every parish family is important and completely confidential.

Personal Conversations Continue

During the past week, several personal conversations were conducted with a cross-section of our parish families. We ask that all families invited to these personal conversations to please contact the parish office as soon as possible to set up a time. The last day to participate in a personal conversation will be Friday, February 28th.

We have heard from many families already! Let us know what YOU think.

All responses are valued. The answers we receive in this study are strictly confidential and will help guide us in planning for the future of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church.

“We are dependent upon your participation in this study to properly plan for our future. This is Our parish; we are asking everyone to get involved and to be part of shaping our future, together.” – Fr. Mike Ume

Please Return Your Surveys as Soon as Possible

The purpose of this study is to gain input, suggestions and advice from as many of our parishioners as possible. This Feasibility Study will allow us to ensure that we address the needs of the parish for today, and well into the future.

All are asked to complete the survey and return it by the weekend of February 29th and March 1st, “Survey Weekend.”

You may submit your survey in the weekend offertory basket, to the office by mail or in person.  You may also respond online:

There are also blank surveys and brochures available in the back of the church, if you have not received one.

Feb. 9th, 2020  Message from Fr. Mike Ume

Dear Members of our Parish and School Communities,

Updating our Buildings To Serve our Needs and For Generation

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (ABVM) Catholic community came into existence in 1950.  Initially, it served 300 families. The Elementary School was established in September 1951 and expanded in 1953, 1954 and 1955. Monsignor Crean constructed the Hall named after him in 1960.  The rectory building and the convent were both finished in 1961. We completed the new Church in 1967. From 1967 to 2020, many things have changed, but our buildings have remained the same. We have grown from 300 families to 1400 active families. The building codes in Pasadena have changed tremendously since 1967. It was okay to build a hall without restrooms in 1960, but it is not okay to do that now.

Shortly after arrival on July 1, 2018, we began to meet with different groups in the Parish. One of the committees was a MASTER PLAN COMMITTEE. After soliciting the opinions of the Parishioners, they recommended a few proposals on how to update the seven buildings in our property.  Let us look at three of those proposals.


According to the Committee, “The top priority of the Focus Groups was the need to improve the existing Crean Hall to provide dining, meeting and socializing space for use by all Church and School Groups. The intent is to upgrade the kitchen services, offer restroom facilities, update the utilities, floor, ceiling, and décor, and create an open, inviting presence to both the school side and the church side. “ It is always uncomfortable when a parishioner wants to use the Hall to receive his or her guests after the funeral mass, and there are no restrooms for these guests. Hospitality is the first thing in our Mission Statement.


About the school, the report from the committee says, “As an immediate need, the School would like to alter the interior entry area to increase security while simultaneously appearing more welcome.” The school needs a secure entrance, and according to the report, it is “an immediate need.”   Security is the main issue with the school. The society has changed.


We need a sound system for the Church that will work with recent renovations in the Church. The removal of the carpet in the Church has made echoes worse in the Church.


Although there are other projects, these three projects are the top priorities in the mind of the parishioners. It is time to make these dreams realities. We want to embark on these projects right away. After further consultation with the Parishioners, we have retained the services of Guidance in Giving (GIG) Inc. to help us raise the funds that we need for these projects. That is, we want to embark on a Capital Campaign for these projects.


The first step in a capital campaign is feasibility. What is a Feasibility Study? Biblical Parable is one way of understanding what a feasibility study is. In the Fourteenth Chapter of the Gospel of Luke, Jesus said, “Which of you wishing to construct a tower does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if there is enough for its completion?” Lk. 6:28. We have calculated the cost, but can we raise the fund. Feasibility is an assessment of the practicality of our proposed plan.  The Guidance In Giving (GIG) is helping us to find answers to those questions. They are currently conducting a feasibility study by inviting parishioners to answer questionnaires, interviews. They want to hear from Parishioners concerning these three projects. They already sent out questionnaires to the Parishioners. They will like to give you further explanations and the cost of the projects.

We are not yet at the stage of fundraising.   GIG is asking a few questions concerning our readiness for the Capital Campaign.

Thank you very much for your Cooperation.

Fr. Mike


Be assured that the information you provide will be kept completely confidential.

As we continue to grow, it is important that we prepare to meet the needs of our community, both now and in the years to come, so that we all might encounter Christ more deeply in our lives.

At this time, we are moving forward with a Feasibility Study to help us prepare for a capital campaign to finance the remodeling of Msgr. Crean Hall, and to build a new, secure and prominent school entrance.

In order to be good stewards of our resources, careful arrangement and thoughtful planning are required. The feedback from our parishioners is essential – in fact, it is paramount. Your participation in this planning study is an important factor in making this project a success. Your input will enable us to prepare a course of action so that, together, we can make educated projections concerning our future.

To assist us, we are working with Guidance In Giving, Inc., a professional Catholic fundraising and stewardship consulting firm. They work only with Catholic parishes and schools, and together we will formulate a plan of action for the implementation of a successful campaign.

1.  Personal interviews

We ask that all those invited to be interviewed, please contact the parish office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment

2.  Mail survey

A Mail Survey will be sent to active registered parishioners.  All parishioners are asked to complete the Survey and return it back to the parish by the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd

3.  Online survey

The Feasibility Study survey is also available online, Please Visit


Select the study for  ABVM, Pasadena,          Enter the password: ABVM2020


A new commercial kitchen to serve the needs of both the school and parish communities

New restrooms that are ADA compliant with changing tables

New air conditioning units

New ceilings and floors

Media center

Gator office

Religious Bookstore


A safe, secure school entrance that funnels visitors directly to the reception area

A more prominent entrance to enhance the school street visibility