There’s nothing more inspiring than to see people who walk the talk.  Last night, we witnessed two guest volunteers at our Cardinal Manning Center dinner.  Our pastor, Father Mike, tossed a giant green salad to feed 70, cut up roasted chickens, maneuvered food trays as if he was a seasoned waiter–even up and down stairs since the elevator was out of service–dished out desserts to each table, and most impressively, he sat with the men like Jesus would sit with his disciples!  Then there was Sister Sheila, who at 80 years old, was like a sous chef of the green salad–chopping romaine lettuce, dicing tomatoes, following my instructions without a fuss, and also sitting down with the men to share conversation and a meal, just like Jesus.

It’s sad to see the homeless in the street, but it’s good to know that the Cardinal Manning Center is there to help a few men, and it’s inspiring to be with the other ten St. Vincent de Paul members who were able to come out on a Thursday night to help prepare the meal for the men. Seeing people in great need, I am called to share more than I receive. By this I am encouraged to keep giving.

If you would like to know more about joining our Conference, or if you know someone who needs assistance please call our hotline: (626) 657-0836.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to be used in helping those in need, please use the Assumption SSVdP tan envelope provided in the pew.

Remember, 100% of your donation serves the poor!