2018 February Ministry Schedule-230wmnh

2018 March Weeks 1-3 Ministry Schedule-2dno7qt

Instructions from Fr. Gerard to Liturgical Ministers:

1. Proper Attire for Church

Please dress modestly for Mass. Church is a sacred place and we are not here to distract the people from God. Some of you are distracting by your immodest fashions, low cut, cropped or revealing tops, t-shirts with inappropriate or distracting images, short shorts and skirts, torn, ripped, and tight jeans are not appropriate attire for church. Parents, please remind your children to honor our sacred space.
If you are a Minister of the Eucharist or a Lector, please do not come on the altar if you are wearing fashions which will distract.

2. Important steps for Eucharistic Ministers to follow:

  • If the Eucharist drops onto the floor, it is the EM’s responsibility to pick it off of the ground as soon as it falls, and immediately consume it. Please do not leave the Eucharist on the ground for any reason. Once it is consumed, you should continue distributing to the congregation.
  • If the Precious Blood falls onto the ground, you should use the purificator that you are using to place over what has fallen onto the ground and tell the sacristan after communion. The sacristans will have additional (extra) purificators on the altar in case you need to use yours for such an incident. Please be especially careful when distributing the cup to the elderly or young children. They have a tendency to rush and/or be a bit shaky. You may have to assist them. Be aware when handing the chalice off, making sure both parties have a firm handle during the transfer.
  • Remember, talking in the sacristy must be kept to a minimum. No conversations should take place that are not related to the mass or to the Eucharist.
  • If scheduled please immediately proceed to the altar at the sign of peace. For those who are kind enough to “cover”, they need to know sooner than later if they are needed to go up to the altar.
  • Please remember that, just as is the case in the main church, the first EM who arrives at the altar should get the blessed Eucharist from the tabernacle and place it onto the altar. That EM should be one of those who distribute the Eucharist, not the cup.